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A New Milestone

I’m not sure why I haven’t blogged here for so long. Maybe I didn’t want to jinx Harry’s first year at college; maybe I just needed a break from all things autism-related (as if that’s possible!)

Anyway, here I am at last. H is well into his second year at college. Where did that first year go? All I know is that it went frighteningly quickly.

It is difficult to assess what Harry thinks about college. He never wants to go back, is always happy to come home but seems to enjoy the social life. So far, so much like many students his age I suspect.

For those interested in his progress, H’s timetable for last year included retail work experience in the college’s on-site farm shop and garden centre and hospitality work experience in the coffee bar. He does an Assertiveness module – otherwise known as karate – with a small number of other students. This helps them to build up their self-confidence in all areas of college life. Apparently.

At Christmas 2013 his report said that “he demonstrates a positive attitude to work overall but has found difficulty when faced with new and unfamiliar tasks.” At his review in May, when asked his preference, he astounded us by saying he preferred working in a retail environment. Shows how much we know.

Today’s post is prompted by Harry reaching another milestone. Tomorrow he will be 21. We won’t see him on his birthday this year because he’s away at college. Instead, we have parcelled up all his presents and cards for him to open on The Big Day.

I asked college whether they would organise a party – maybe a disco. But Harry has chosen to go to the cinema with a few friends and then out for a meal to celebrate. And this is a good thing because it is his choice. When he comes home for half-term in February we will have our family celebration with him and there will be balloons!